Putuo leads Shanghai's elevator installation drive in old buildings 2023-08-23


Local residents are invited to Putuo District's elevator installation office to learn about the installation process.

Putuo District has announced plans to put in place an additional 400 elevators in aging residential buildings, making it a leader in Shanghai's elevator installation campaign.

As of mid-August, 265 elevators had been installed in Putuo, with 249 already in operation. This brings the total number of signed elevator projects in the district to 1,556, of which 603 have been successfully completed, according to the district government.

Putuo, a densely populated area with a significant elderly population, recognizes elevators as essential for improving residents' well-being. The announcement was made during the ongoing "Government Open Month" series of events.

The district's housing authority recently provided information and details about elevator installations to 30 resident delegates.

Shanghai has initiated a campaign to install elevators in older buildings, where staircases present barriers to the elderly and physically challenged.


Residents listen to an official at the elevator installation office.

About 220,000 buildings in Shanghai lack elevators, and nearly 40 percent of the 1 million households residing in these buildings are aged 60 or older, according to the city's housing authority.

The project's first elevator was installed in a seven-story building in the Nujiangyuan community in Putuo in October 2015.

The Changfeng Fenghe Garden community pioneered a new approach by incorporating elevator installation during housing renovations.

To further advance these efforts, Putuo has established a leadership team overseeing all aspects of elevator projects, from contracts to maintenance. The district has also released an elevator installation map and guidelines to streamline the process.

Zhang Jun, director of Putuo's housing management bureau, emphasized that elevators aim to enhance residents' lives, particularly children and the elderly.

Since 2021, Shanghai has designated August as the "Government Open Month," during which residents have the right to access information and participate in decision-making processes. This year, Putuo is focusing on projects that benefit the public.


An official of Putuo's elevator installation office explains the installation process.

Source: SHINE   Editor: Xu Qing